HC1 - Childhood & Growing up
HC2 - Education in Contemporary India
HC3 - Development and Management in School Education.
HC4 - ICT in Education
HC5 - Language across the curriculum
HC6 - Gender, School & Society
EPC1 - Communication Skill and Expository writing. (Practical Activity)
EPC2 - Understanding self, personality and Yoga. (Practical Activity)

HC7 - Learning and teaching
HC8 - Assessment of Learning
SC1 - Content of Pedagogy 1 part 1
SC2 - Content of Pedagogy 2 part 1
EPC3 - ICT Application. (practical Activity)
EPC4 - Fine Art and theatre
EPC5 - Pre Internship

SC1 - Content of Pedagogy 1 part 2
SC2 - Content of Pedagogy 2 part 2
HC9 - Action Research
EPC6 - Action Research Project. (Practical Activity)
EPC7 - School Internship

HC10 - National Concern & Education.
HC11 - Creating on inclusive School.
HC12 - Knowledge & Curriculum
OC1 - Optional Course
EPC8 - Practical examination

  • 1.1 A candidate shall be considered to have satisfied the requirement of attendance for a semester if he/she attends not less than 80% of the number of classes actually held till the end of the semester in each of the subjects & 90% for practical activities.

  • 1.2 A student's teacher must submit all assignments at end of each semester to quality him/her to appear for respective semester examination.

  • 1.3 A students should compulsorily participate in all the activities of the semester and submit the reports at the end of each of each semester.


Internship is an integral component of teacher's preparation in B.Ed programme. It helps the prospective teachers to acquire the professional skills required for teaching.

The internship programme runs in three phases:

  • 1. Pre-internship
  • 2. School-internship
  • 3. Post- internship

1.Pre internship: It is a college based programme which takes place during the second semester for 4 weeks. During this phase the prospective teachers are exposed to various teaching skills to ensure an understanding of teaching process. The students teachers are also engaged in the practice of teaching skills and its integration in simulated condition

2. School Internship: It is a school based programme which takes place in the third semester. During this phase the student teachers are actually placed in a specific school for duration of 10 weeks. They are exposed to the school environment and school by getting involved in various activities. During this phase propective teachers are engaged in various curricular and co-curricular activities like teaching (20+20 lessons in each peadagogy subject), administration of achievement tests, remedial teaching, participation and organization of various activities, observation of records maintained in the schools etc. They experience, practice, clarify and reflect upon several aspects related to the teaching to internalize the role of a teacher.

3. Post internship: This is a final phase of internship programme which take place in the fourth semester for the duration of 6 weeks. The student teachers are involved in other added experiences like community based activities, visits to special schools, review of textbook etc. It provides the opportunity to exhibit and analyze are finally assessed through practical examination and viva-voce.

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